Crystal Spring

Crystal Spring

“Down by some crystal spring, where the nightingales sing,
Most pleasant it is, in season, to hear the groves ring.
Down by the riverside, a young captain I espied,
Entreating of his true love, for to be his bride.

Dear Phyllis, says he, can you fancy me?
All in your sweet bowers a crown it shall be;
You shall take no pain, I will you maintain,
My ship she’s a-loaded just come in from Spain.

There are young men, I know, great kindness will show,
They will offer and proffer much more than they will do.
And whenever they can find a maiden that’s kind,
With laughing and chaffing they will change like the wind.

But if e’er I prove false to my soft little dove,
May the ocean turn desert; and the elements move:
For wherever I shall be, I’ll constant to thee,
Like a rover I will wander and swim through the sea.”

One thought on “Crystal Spring

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